Plumbing Don’ts for Your Garbage Disposal

If your home has a garbage disposal,Plumbing Don’ts for Your Garbage Disposal Articles there are a few things plumbing professionals will tell you not to do. While they may appreciate it when you do these things because they get to do a repair job, honest plumbers will tell you what to avoid to keep them from returning. When it comes to your garbage disposal, this is what you want to know.

Believe it or not, problems with the garbage disposal, or problems caused because of its use, are one of the most common reasons people call a plumbing professional. Sadly, homeowners often do not know how to use these devices properly.

First, understand what these were created for. They were not created to be used for very large pieces of debris left on your plate. Rather, they were created to chop up the smaller food particles that end up going down the drain while you are doing dishes. There are some items that simply cannot be sent down the garbage disposal safely without damaging the parts or the rest of your home’s plumbing.

Pasta and rice are two food items that may seem small and soft when you send them down, but quickly swell when touched by water. This means they will not be able to get through the trap on most home systems, and eventually they will cause a backup. When enough of these foods accumulate in the trap, your disposal will stop working and you will get a backup.

Disposals are absolutely not equipped to chop up animal bones. These need to go in the trash. If you are worried about the smell, stick an old coffee insinkerator repair can in the freezer and add your bones to it. On garbage day, take them to the curb in the can. This will keep you from smelling up your home with old bones while protecting your garbage disposal.

Homeowners often assume that they can pour hot grease down the drain. The problem with this is that the grease will solidify when it cools, and as a result will gum up the disposal unit or create blockages in the rest of the plumbing. This is best disposed of in the trashcan.

Finally, avoid shoving eggshells down your disposal. The blades simply cannot chop them fine enough to get through the trap. These need to go in the garbage, or you will find yourself calling the plumber sooner than you intended.

When you do have a problem, do not stick your hand down into the unit unless you are certain it is turned off and no one will be able to turn it on. The blades in your disposal can easily cut your hands. Also, avoid shoving utensils down there to try to dislodge something or otherwise fix the problem. When you have a problem with your disposal, it is time to call the professional plumber in your area. It is far better to be safe than sorry when dealing with this very expensive and important aspect of your home’s plumbing.